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snow on a hellebore

Snow Birds

Sunday, 4th February 2001, West Yorkshire

song thrushsnow cloud BY THE AFTERNOON, the morning's snow cover has turned wet and has melted away from the branches. In the meantime, garden birds- the House Sparrows especially - make the most of the seed feeders and fat ball on the bird table.

dunnockrobin The Robin hops about as if it thinks it has exclusive rights and chases the Dunnock into the hedge. Not that the dunnock ever visits the feeders or the table, it always confines itself to a meticulous investigation of the ground below.

On the snow-covered roof across the road, two female Blackbirds are trying to outface one another along the edge of a disputed territory. One of them chickens out and flies off down over the garden, while the other runs up to the apex of the roof, leaving a trail of footprints in the snow on the tiles.

blue titfemale blackbird A Blue Tit hangs from the edge of the roof to search the snow-free edges tiles for insects or spiders. next page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
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