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Supermarket Safari

Thursday 6th September 2001, West Yorkshire

Grandma's Guide, the movie WE'VE RECENTLY launched a new book Grandma's Guide to Internet Shopping, a sequel to last year's title Grandma's Guide to the Internet which was written by my sister, Linda Ingham, illustrated by myself and inspired by my mother Joan Bell who 'bravely went online at the age of 82', as my sister mentions on the dedication.

The local paper, radio and now BBC North television have taken an interest. Today reporter Kirsty Mitchell and cameraman John have come to film my mum and I (my sister being at work in Scotland). Of course my mum entirely upstages me; never work with children, animals . . . or grandmas.

supermarketIn the afternoon we visit a local supermarket which offers an online shopping service. There's a blaze of fresh flowers as we enter the fruit and veg. department which is laid out like a pick-your-own market stall. Supermarkets usually choose fruit and veg. as their first department as it is so interactive, with all those colours, textures and familiar smells to investigate.

It's going to be some time before the online version becomes such a sensory experience.

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Willow Island Editions is the imprint that I set up to publish my own books; but I have to say that my sister's title has outsold all of my local interest titles put together. next page

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