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The Wind from the East

Thursday 14th March 2002, West Yorkshire

wood in the windA white sheet does a summersault on the washing line, billowing like a sail.

Later, as the wind whips itself up, there's a rattle as a plastic bucket gets blown off the patio. It rolls down over the lawn and, after getting lodged by the clothes post, ends up in the pond.

starlings A small group of starlings swirls around a chimney pot television aerial then flies on. It seems that it is too windy for them to touch down on their usual perch.

grey skies It seems strange to see weather moving in the opposite direction to normal. A bank of low, ragged shower cumulus clouds scuds across the sky from east to west.

Thanks to the chill air from the continent the frogs in the pond don't show page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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