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Village Green

Thursday, 28th March 2001, North Yorkshire

blackthorn blossom There's a crisp clear morning light that brings out the colour and detail of hedgerows and trees, while the more distant copses and ploughed slopes are bathed in a soft mist. On a morning like this even the bare trees look fresh.

daffodils In this perfect light the villages we drive through between the A1 and Brimham look like the saturated colour photographs of a countryside calendar.

On the village green in Bishop Leonard daffodils are still at their peak but they're now backed by blossom on the trees.

Brimham Moor

Brimham Curlew pipe in the distance, pheasants grockle and there's the odd 'g-back!' of a red grouse on Brimham moor. A kestrel hovers over the heather. Pipits and a possible wheatear flit up into view from time to page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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