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germander speedwell

Germander Speedwell

Monday, 3rd June 2002, West Yorkshire

germander speedwell There are some botanical details that escape me even when I wear my reading glasses to draw a plant. This is where a hand lens or a pocket microscope comes in handy.

close up of stem One of the identifying features of germander speedwell, is the two rows of hairs growing in a line along opposite sides of its stem (left, x20 approx.).

The plant's scientific name is Veronica chamaedrys; Veronica after the saint of that name, chamaedrys from the Greek for dwarf oak. Perhaps this refers to the lobed leaves.

It grows in grassy places, including our front lawn. I wouldn't normally pick wild flowers but the lawn is now due for mowing. Far from feeling that it's about time I applied weed killer I love to see the blue flowers of speedwell dotted amongst the daisies and page

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