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mistle thrush

Woodland Walk

Saturday, 8th June 2002, West Yorkshire

treecreeperA treecreeper works its way up the trunk of a large beech then flies over and checks out a horse chestnut.

The lofty trees and the banks of bluebells (now gone to seed) in this narrow strip at the top end of Thornhill Park give you the feeling that you're walking deep into ancient woodland.

young mistle thrush Two or three young mistle thrushes, speckly and with stumpy tails, hop around amongst the cover of the hollies.

chiff-chaff At the top of Millbank, at the beginning of what we call the Chiff-chaff path, sure enough there's a chiff-chaff singing. For once it's not hidden amongst the bushes but perching on the top of a small hawthorn right next to the path.

linnets A linnet hops on the old stonework of the Figure of Three locks then flies up to the banking and pulls the white fluffy seeds from an old seedhead of rosebay willowherb. The new growth is well on its way and in a month or so the banking should be a mass of magenta page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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