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The Ducklings' Tale

Sunday, 9th June 2002, West Yorkshire

ducklings I see a fox so rarely that when I do catch sight of one it's still something special for me. Of course I know they're about and I know they take the odd chicken. Which doesn't seem so bad . . . ducklings in drainunless it's a bird that you've got to know personally.

Our next door neighbour Jill had five young ducklings brought in where she works. Someone had found them stuck in a drain; waterlogged, dirty and starving. One of them died on the ride home but the others recovered in the warmth of a box used for newly hatched chicks. Another lost duckling was brought in the next day, bringing the orphan brood back to five.

ducklings bathing Over the weeks they grew and Jill asked us if she could borrow an old tin bath she'd seen hanging on our fence to give them their first taste of open water.

fox Soon they were independent enough to go to the pond on the farm. Sadly this is the time of year that foxes feed their young. Three of them have been taken. In fact Jim's favourite cockerel and a number of hens have also disappeared. The guinea fowl seem to be able to look after themselves.

Jim is now going in search of the page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
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