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meadow brown

Greater Knapweed

Wednesday, 14th August 2002, West Yorkshire

greater knapweed

greater knapweed flower greater knapweed leaves The flowerheads of greater knapweed have long rays which are lacking in common knapweed. It's leaves are lobed while those of common are entire.

red-tailed bumblebeeSmall red-tailed bees are the most frequent visitors but several species of butterfly, inlcuding meadow brown, wall, large white and gatekeeper drop in to feed as I draw. The bees outnumber them by about 10 to 1.

One of the red-tails is twice the size of the others; this is probably a queen.

buff-tailed bee This bee (right) which is larger and which has, in proportion, a longer abdomen than the red-tailed workers has an ochre band at the front end of its thorax and a buff or pale ginger tail.


kestrelkestrelA pale brown-streaked kestrel hovers over the crest of the slope. It lands amongst the sparse grass at frequent intervals but what it's hunting I can't tell. It doesn't fly up with anything in its talons in the half dozen swoops that I page

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