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Meadow Buttercup

Thursday, 15th August 2002, West Yorkshire

meadow buttercup Meadow buttercup (left) grows by the pond alongside its relative creeping buttercup. The spiky stems around it are rushes which I trimmed back some weeks ago.

A small hoverfly hoverflyvisits the flowers. A tiny stubby rove beetle rove beetlecrawls across my sketchbook.

meadow buttercup leafcreeping buttercup leafAs the name suggests, creeping buttercup with its rooting runners spreads in damp, often bare places while the meadow buttercup, which tends to be taller, grows in damp grassy places. The leaf of creeping buttercup (right) has a stalked end lobe while the leaf of meadow buttercup (left) does not have a stalked end page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
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