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bittersweet berries


Friday, 9th August 2002, West Yorkshire

bittersweetBittersweet, also known a woody nightshade, grows as a spindly vine from cracks in the stone embankment wall by the canal. Appropriately, at this time of changing seasons, it has both flowers and berries (ripe and unripe).

canal in the rain After listening to the rain on the studio windows all day I felt I had to get out, even if it was just a walk to the post box. Our local post office closed a week ago; I assume from the VR (Victoria Regina) post box that was built into the wall there but which was removed a few a years ago that there had been a post office there for a hundred years. The post office counter will be transferred to a nearby off-license.

muddy stream A stream pours muddy water into the canal which is itself far from crystal clear. The muddy water flows along at the edge of the canal as a distinct stream for ten yards or more before starting to page

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