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Emmanuel Head

Saturday, 7th September 2002, Lindisfarne, Northumberland

headlandHigh tide; eiders, gulls and a few bar-tailed godwits have gathered on a rocky promentary on the north coast of the island.

grey sealgrey seal We count 22 grey seals in the bay - and there are as many more around the promontory at the other end of the bay. Some of the seals appear to be looking our way in idle curiosity, others stretch and look skyward.

Emmanuel HeadA stone-built white-washed pyramid acts as a navigation marker at the northeast tip of the island.

birds in the bayEiders, gulls, waders and a wheeling flock of starlings have gathered around a tangle of beached seaweed in a corner of the bay.

sanderlingsSanderlings rush along probing the sand at the water's edge, sometimes dashing down as the foam subsides only to retreat again as the next wave washes in.

dunlin Amongst the flock of sanderlings there are a couple of waders of about size. They don't have white heads like the sanderlings but I struggle to find anything really distinctive about them. They're streaky above, lighter below - probably dunlins. dunlinNote that slightly down-curved bill. next page

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