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December Woods

Saturday, 13th December 2003
Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

meadow, Coxley WoodBefore the afternoon light fades I try one of a new set of sable brushes I recently sent off for.

sable brush

This was painted with the number 9, above, and I used a number 5 to indicate the bundles of keys on the ash tree on the left.

I'm not used to having a full set of brushes of any description, still less a set of sables. I usually use one or two favourite brushes until they're far past their best.

These were a special offer, the whole set - six flats, six round, sizes 1 to 12 - for less than you'd sometimes pay for one size 12. I would include a link but the suppliers (The Fine Arte Wholesale Warehouse, London) don't have a website.

So was the bargain worth it? I have to say the brush feels fine to me.

Portrait of the Artist

RichardJust to bring you up to date, here are a couple of photographs I took of myself this morning with my matchbox-size digital camera (which cost a third as much as the brushes - £10).

The great advantage of digital is that you can ditch the out-takes. These are the best of 20!

I'm afraid that I feel the miserable-looking one best sums me up. This is probably how I look when I'm concentrating on a drawing. And I do look like I often feel!

smiling versionOn the other hand Barbara prefers me smiling. I've got to admit I do smile a lot too.

Thinking that it's about time I updated the photograph on my home page I e-mailed copies to selected friends: there's a general feeling that I resemble a character from The Lord of the Rings but whether this is a hobbit, a Rider of Rohan or one of Gandalf's less successful colleagues depends on who you ask.

The consensus seems to be that I should stick with my current photograph . . . which I remember one friend describing as resembling a wood elf!next page

Richard Bell

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