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Pony Tales

Monday, 22nd December 2003
Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

pied ponypied ponypied pony

the larger ponyThe people who keep the two Welsh ponies in the field by the wood introduced a third pony at the weekend. This is one of those pied ones which I think of as a Gipsy pony.

They seemed to be tolerating each other but I realised as I sketched them at their afternoon feed that the residents are bullying the newcomer.

chaseWhen the larger of the resident ponies chases the new pony away from the hay he keeps his head down, which I understand as a sign of dominance amongst horses. Certainly the one being chased keeps its head well up. But it keeps trying again to join in with grazing on the hay.

the larger ponyEven the smaller resident pony has a go at the newcomer, attempting to bite it. next page

Richard Bell

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