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A View Obscured

Friday, 25th July 2003, West Yorkshire

rowanrowan berriesI've got half an hour to wait, here in Dewsbury Hospital car park: time to do a watercolour.

I don't want to sit with the windscreen wipers on, so I can't draw the view ahead. I wind down the side window and start sketching this small rowan, one of several dotted around the shrub beds.

First a white van parks in front of it . . . then a huge red van, so that's as far as my sketch gets.

row of trees, Dewsbury HospitalSo, looking out of the passenger window, I draw this row of trees, including two tall Lombardy poplars in pencil. I've just painted the sky in a couple of washes of cool and warm greys when a car reverses into the space next to me, blocking the view of the trees. As it's raining I can't finish the sketch outside.

PotentillaI wonder if I dare draw the potentilla in the shub bed just six feet from me on the right or whether they'll find something to block my view of that too!

In fact I don't get far with the shrubs because the car on my left moves away again and I have time to add a little more watercolour to the sketch of the row of trees. next page

Richard Bell