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honey beeStaghorn Sumac

Friday, 15th August 2003
Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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sumac flowersHoney bees and bumblebees buzz around the greenish yellow blossoms of Staghorn Sumac, Rhus typhena. This large shrub (or small tree) is also known as the Velvet Sumac because the new twigs have a (red) velvet covering, like a red deer stag's antler in summer.

This North American shrub has been in cultivation since 1629. Staghorn sumacs have either all male or all female flowers. The compact dark red female flowerhead produces red berries in the autumn.

flies on apple waspBlackbirds have pecked this windfall apple that we put on the bird table. Now that it's fallen to the ground it's become a favourite with large bluebottle or blow flies. They fly off when a wasp comes to investigate.

dog daisies and linseedThese straggly dog daisies grow amongst the smaller linseed (flax) flowers that have sprouted from seed spilt from the bird table. The larger leaves are a bramble sprouting from the hedge. next page

Richard Bell

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