Autumn Poplar

Friday, 5th November 2004
Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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It's a good feeling: designing posters, delivering my new Sushi Sketchbook and, of course, while we're in town, calling for a coffee at the Café Revive.

crowThere's autumn colour in the woods but many trees are already starkly bare. A crow flies down and waddles around the hospital car park as I sketch this tree. A nest, probably a crow's nest, has been revealed now that a nearby sycamore has lost its leaves.

pheasantA cock pheasant strolls down the garden path. It's a reminder to me to put out the 'squirrel proof' (don't we wish) seed hopper we bought the other day.

In the evening fireworks go off like gunshots. Hope that pheasant's found somewhere quiet to roost. Next Page

Richard Bell,

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