Tuesday, 11th October 2005

moorhenstoadLoads of indoor work, so contact with nature today is limited to a walk to the post office and seeing the four moorhens, what I take to be a family group, rock-hopping amongst the rapids where the river crosses the ruined weir.

When I pull out the wheelie bin I find a toad that has been resting beneath it. It sits there for a while, as if waiting for me to replace the bin, but when I look later it has trundled off. Toads are good at projecting an air of disgruntled grumpiness.

Kneelers at the Nats
(we meet in the Quaker Meeting House)

polar bear

Tonight's slide talk at Wakefield Naturalists' Society features both polar bears and penguins: the former from Spitbergen, 84° north, the latter, the Magellanic species, from Patagonia. Next Page


Richard Bell,