Roots and Branches

Wednesday, 12th October 2005

autumn colourhorse chestnutThere's autumn colour around, especially in the ashes, rowans and horse chestnuts, which glow as if they'd been illuminated from within but there's also plenty of dull drab green - the colour of waxed jackets and hiking trousers.

chestnut and oakNewmillerdam

Strange thing: there's horse chestnut foliage above us, but the odd oak branch mixed amongst it (left). It takes some working out to discover that the tree that the horse chestnut branches appear to be growing from is in fact an oak. The smaller horse chestnut is actually hidden behind the oak, its branches embracing the olderbeech roots tree.

The root systems of the old beeches near the boathouse have been exposed by erosion of the bank alongside the path. They're twisted and intertwined like something out of Tolkien. Some day I must take the time to draw them. Next Page

Richard Bell,