The Cat from Moon Cottage

Thursday, 3rd November 2005, Cumbria


You know how some cats breeze into the room with a nonchalant, laid back hi!-how-are-you - pleased-to-meet-you! air; casually rubbing a brow against you as they mosey around, tail confidently errect, before they're distracted by more interesting business?

They behave like celebrities don't they? Well this particular cat is a literary celebrity, and doesn't she know it? She's the kind of tabby who I can't help wanting to draw when she settles herself down on the windowsill in the conservatory.

cat's earFannie first appeared the second volume of Marilyn Edwards' The Cats of Moon Cottage trilogy (due to become a quartet next year). In the third volume The Cats on Hutton Roof, Fannie, her sister Titus (notall ginger cats are toms, Marilyn discovered, after she'd named the kitten) and Pushkin, the diffident Russian Blue, are relocated when Marilyn and her husband Michael move from Moon Cottage, Richmansworth, to the Old Coach House in the hamlet of Hutton Roof, Cumbria.


The Cats on Hutton Roof
The Cats on Hutton Roof published by Hodder and Stoughton

I'd read Marilyn's description of the 'tuning fork' markings on Fannie's forehead and was curious to see them. Yes, that's a good way to describe the pattern.

Fannie asleep

shopperscrowsCalling for a cup of tea with Marilyn and Michael and the cats on our journey home is a welcome break from the almost continuous rain today.

Driving along the road beside Thirlmire is like white water rafting. We headed for the shelter of Lakeland Limited at Windermere where we look out over a rain-lashed Bowness during lunch before heading back towards Yorkshire. Next Page


The Cats of Moon Cottage

Lakeland Limited

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