hawthornA Bonfire Weekend

Friday, 4th November 2005

rainAfter the mild weather we've been having recently, it seems to have made up its mind that winter is on its way at last. Along with the heavy rain this probably means that glowing autumn colour will soon be replaced by dark bare branches.

nuthatchAs we've been away, we've had to accept that the nuthatch will get out of the habit of coming to the bird feeder but Barbara fills the tray with sunflower hearts again this morning and by lunchtime it is back feeding and it's still visiting in the gathering gloom at 4.30 pm.

Purdie A new arrival next door: a small chihuahua called Purdie. In her four years, Purdie has appeared at Crufts a couple of times.

bonfireBehind the pubs at either end of Horbury Bridge - the Ship Inn and the Bingley Arms - there's work to be done to transform two piles of assorted broken wooden chairs, wardrobes, pallets and other woody debris into roaring bonfires. At the Ship they've had to hire a skip to dispose of the non-burnable rubbish, notably several mattresses, that always gets dumped when an opportunity like this presents itself.

ghoulAs one festival starts, another has just ended; a homemade Halloween mask, a ghoul made of thin sponge sheeting lies discarded by the filling station. Next Page

Richard Bell, richard@willowisland.co.uk