The Source of Smithy Brook

Saturday, 5th November 2005

applesfarm, Storrs HillOn a scrubby embankment, an apple tree that must have grown from a discarded core still has unblemished fruits - as glossy and red as supermarket apples.

Storrs Hill looks autumnal with rusty shades of bracken and ochre grasses but the spiky gorse bushes have several outbursts of bright yellow flower.

gorseSmithy Brook valleyThe tributary valley of Smithy Brook, seen in the distance under the watery light in the cloudy afternoon sky looks like some mystery, waiting to be explored.

Someday I will get myself off up there, following the brook towards its source! Yes, I know what's at the end of it (Grange Moor and the big Bon Marché depot) but the process of exploring it and seeing how it all fits together still appeals to me.

And somewhere up that hidden valley lies Charlotte's Ice Cream Parlour . . . Next Page

Richard Bell,