Hawk and Heron

Saturday, 12th February 2005
Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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The niger feeder has been in place since yesterday afternoon and, by lunchtime today, one goldfinch has already found it.

Sparrowhawk on bench

A grey sparrowhawk rests on the herb bed for a few minutes then flies down the garden to the bench where, on a previous occasion, I saw a sparrowhawk plucking and eating its prey. This one has not made a kill.

Shortly after it flies around over next door's garden then perches on our shed before flying off over the meadow, swooping as it goes.



Next door's weeping willow, which was lopped recently

heron and pigeonswood pigeonA heron is forced to take evasive action - flapping to gain height - when a flock of wood pigeons suddenly burst forth from the wood. Next Page
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