The Greenhouse Effect

Sunday, 19th June 2005


27° C, 59% humdity is too sultry for me. Having been wrapped up in writing all week, I seem to have lost my fluency for drawing anyway. I'm looking forward to fresher days and to finishing the writing and design stage of my book.

In the meantime, sitting indoors where it is slightly cooler, I draw our greenhouse; a suitably simple subject which is sitting there in my field of view, down the garden path and beyond the shrub bed. We bought this Westdock aluminium greenhouse as an extra when we bought this house, 22 years ago, and it had been standing in the garden - in the middle of the garden, we soon moved it - for some years already. They don't make them like this any more.

Needless to say, I've got the ventilators and the door fully open today. The broken panes of glass that I keep meaning to replace also help improve the ventilation.

Purely by coincidence, when I wrote my diary for this day in 2002 (see link below) I wrote about the other structure in the garden; the shed. Hey, try and stay awake; there's sure to be something more exciting in the diary soon! Next Page

Richard Bell,