I - don't - know

Monday, 20th June 2005

I've got used to writing this online diary but writing my garden sketchbook is something very different. I'm trying to make the pages look relaxed and organic instead of trying to cram too much in.

This evening, as I draw the view of the beech hedge in our front garden through the lounge window, a blackbird is singing, bumblebees are busy in the cotoneaster which grows up the front wall of the house and I can hear a collared dove making the repetious call, memorably described by presenters Oddie and Humble on the Springwatch programmes as sounding like:

I - don't - know,
I - don't - know,
I - don't - know . . .

collared doveI don't know; I'm going to find it hard to forget that mnemonic now. Next Page

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