Surprise Package

Tuesday, 21st June 2005

The postman hands me a Jiffy pack - it's from my artist friend Barbara Regent in New South Wales. I'm surprised how much she's packed into one anonymous-looking padded envelope.

There's a collage on a hinged frame (left), which looks great on our mantelpiece, two small books of sequences of landscape drawings and collages, folded concertina fashion and bound in floppy suede effect covers (sounds strange, I know, but it works) and a booklet which is a facsimile of a larger handmade artist's book in which tiny landscape drawings are used to create a hieroglyphic text.

There are mountainous Zen landscapes, storyboarded to give a feeling of travelling on some kind of quest through a remote landscape. These appear alongside a series of collages of found natural objects and organic-looking materials that hint at magical connections between trees, hills and clouds in a sun-bleached land. And there's one drawing of waves that reminds me of Leonardo.

'Simplicity was the principle,' Barbara tells me, 'and Francis Bacon's statement, that “you have to abbreviate into intensity”'. Next Page

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