In Green Shade

Sunday, 21st August 2005


tree in next door's gardenIf you're trying to catch up with the garden it's probably not a good idea to start by cutting back a corner where you put out a reclining garden chair, because the chances are, after stopping for a mug of tea, you won't get started again.

It's hot and sunny so as soon as I've cut back the grass, ivy, elder, nettles and hawthorn in this corner I decide that what I'd like to do next is draw whatever I can see from this shady retreat.

The wheelbarrow that I've just loaded my trimmings into makes the perfect subject. I draw in 0.5 black Rapidoliner and add watercolour using my White Nights watercolours.

A sparrow flies up from the pond with a whir like a card sharp riffling a deck.

Aeshna juncea3.3o pm a common hawker dragonfly, Aeshna juncea, zooms around low over the pond for 20 minutes or so in the sun.

frogI see a movement out of the corner of my eye. This frog, one with an attractive olive colouring, hops into the area I've just cleared and crouches there long enough for me to draw it. Next Page


Richard Bell,