Dib, Dib, Dib

Monday, 29th August 2005


dibberCatching up with the vegetable garden: I use the dibber (right) to plant the leeks that we grew from seed two or three months ago. They should have been planted out earlier, in which case we might have been harvesting the first of them by now but they're not beyond saving. I dig up a clump and separate the roots then put them to soak in a bucket of water.

As the plants and roots are so long I snip both back by a quarter or so, to make them more manageable to plant. They go in the bed where I've just lifted the last of the Kestrel second early potatoes. It was almost 100% weed free; potatoes are traditionally held to be a good crop for cleaning ground.

garden ruler

This garden ruler, made of an offcut of skirting board and marked in 3 inch increments on one side, 4 inches on the other, is useful for spacing the leeks which I'm putting in at 6 inches apart. This is a closer than would normally be recommended but we get leeks which are plenty big enough for our purposes from our deeply cultivated raised beds.

I make holes six or eight inches deep, drop the plants in and, when I've got to the end of the row, I pour in water to fill the hole around the plant.

I'm not at all sure that leeks are a good choice of a crop to follow potatoes so I dig in a sprinkling of blood, fish and bonemeal to make up for what the potatoes have taken from the soil. The bed is brim full of soil, so it's not practical to put on garden compost at the moment.

Sunflower Red

After the finer lines of yesterday, I drew the sunflower with a parallel pen, which happened to have a red in cartridge in it. Next Page

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