Garlic Bulbils

Tuesday, 30th August 2005

garlic bulbilWe haven't had a lot of success with the garlic - partly because the pheasants chose this patch of the vegetable garden for dustbathing just after we'd put them in - but we've grown enough for it to be worth trying again next year. You can plant cloves in the autumn for harvesting in the new year.

On the one plant that survived the dustbathing frenzy unscathed, this bunch of bulbils has grown at the end of the stem, where you'd expect to see the flower. Apparently not all varieties of cultivated of garlic develop these bulbils on aerial stalks.

Like the cloves, we will be able to plant these to produce new plants.

Garlic, Allium sativum, is a member of the lily family. Next Page

Richard Bell,