A Claudian Canal

Friday, 30th September 2005

canalAt last! We pick up a boot-load of the final bound versions of Rough Patch. Within four hours we've got them in the shops: Ottakar's, Wakefield and Rickaro, Horbury. It's a start.

The canal is as leafy and peaceful as a river in a Claude painting. Flurries of breeze ripple the bronzy indigo surface of the water.

Sentimental Traveller

chimneyIn the 18th century, sentimental travellers used to take a Claude Glass with them - a convex piece of glass that acted as a mirror that reduced the landscape in size and harmonized its tone and colour to give an antique grandeur to the scene. No need for that this evening: thanks to the gentle rain and the fading light, everything is grading into tones of tan and sepia. Next Page

Richard Bell, richard@willowisland.co.uk