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The Scent of Ivy Flowers

Sunday 30th September 2001, West Yorkshire

house martinhousmrt2.gif - 603 Byteshouse martinsI'M SURPRISED to see a flock of 30 or more House Martins hawking about over the trees alongside Smithy Brook.

drone flywaspA hedgerow Ivy is covered with flower buds which are now starting to open. Drone flies and wasps are attracted to the greenish flowers with their heady scent.

I've been keeping an online nature diary on and off for four years now and wasps on ivy flowers featured on my first page on Sunday 4th October 1998;
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Around 30 wasps are feasting on the ivy flowers on the causey stone path hedge

The sketch was scanned from a pen and ink drawing in my diary, hence the traces of lines in the background, and I then coloured it on the computer. I find this a fiddly process so I simply scan my watercolours and pen and ink and pencil crayon sketches these days.

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