Friday, 10th March 2006

pea plantstipuleThe Kelvedon Wonder pea plants are coming along well but what appears to be mottling on the 'leaves'* that clasp the stem is where some creature has scraped away the top surface of the leaf. Could there be a small snail or slug around?

*The botanical term for the structure at the base of of leaf is stipule.


Yesterday I bought a new Parker Reflex Fountain pen to replace the one I'd lost after signing books at the private view on Monday.

Sure enough, half an hour after I'd bought it, the old one showed up on the floor in the car! But it was due for replacement anyway, because the top had cracked and it now has Magic Tape wrapped around it to stop it coming loose.

When I'm drawing, the new pen has a crisper feel than the old. Next Page

Richard Bell,