River Aire

All the Birds of the Aire

Wednesday, 9th March 2005
Wild West Yorkshire nature diaryline

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Our route alongside the River Aire takes us past a derelict mill, a burnt-out stock car track and a smashed up riverside building but this vandalised wasteland has plenty of quiet rural corners: fishermen shelter under olive green umbrellas and a jogger thanks us for letting him get by.

Goldfinches are feeding on the cones of the riverside alders, mallards are preening in the shallows below the steep riverbank. A teal zooms down near a drake mallard then swims behind a fallen crack willow. Perhaps it is nesting there.

A pied wagtail struts around on an old timber landing stage then flies across the river with bobbing flight.

At a fork in the river in Hunslet we see three drake goosanders diving.

Richard Bell, richard@willowisland.co.uk

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