In the Flow

Sunday, 21st May 2006

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pheasantsYet another cool, rainy day, so I have a session catching up on diary pages.

For me writing is often a process of getting repeatedly stuck before things get flowing.

It's different in drawing because I'm always responding to what's in front of me and the thing builds up its own momentum.

After doing a few pages today I found that things started to flow. The fiddly side of adding dates and links seemed less of a chore as I got into the swing of popping them in and checking them. Soon deciding what to say became less of a problem too.

Unusually the pheasants - a male and a female - were pecking around in the front garden today, under the sunflower hearts feeder we have hanging from the rowan. Because of the continued wet weather, the lawn is now lushly green and in need of a trim, so they looked at home, as if they were out in a meadow (but with the lamp-post and next door's car in the background).

female pheasantThe female flew up onto the cotoneaster at the front of the house and peered in at the window. It's quite an effort for them to fly over the house; they seem to prefer to walk everywhere and if she'd been able to take a short cut through the house I'm sure she would have. Next Page

Richard Bell,

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