Richard Bell's Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

Ring around the Feeder

pheasantssparrowhawkThursday, 11th January, 2007
IT DIDN'T TAKE LONG for the birds to get used to the new position of the feeders. The goldfinches were soon at the sunflower hearts again, hopefully now safely out of danger of colliding with our patio windows.

goldfinchesThe brood of pheasants was back again and we noticed that one bossy female spent all her time pecking at her fellow females so that the motion of these 5 hens around the feeder made me dizzy. One of the males will come and stand with them, so it looks like a folk dance with the females circulating around him.

sparrowhawkIt hasn't taken the sparrowhawk long to locate it either. The handle on the nyger feeder is his (or her, this was a large brown bird) favourite perch.