Spring Squawls

Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary, Tuesday 11th March, 2008

rainbowrainTHERE'S A STRANGE mixture of brooding and brightness over the valley as I sit down just after five this afternoon to write my diary. As the wind whips up, which is what they've been warning us it will do for several days, the sky takes on a bronze rather than a leaden cast and, as rain lashes the studio window, spitting icy pips on the glass, the wood swishes about, its winter greenish brown illuminated in white gold.

Some people noticed a double rainbow this afternoon but I saw just the one. It feels as if there's going to be a decisive change in the weather but the squall soon passes over and blue skies appear in the west.

crescent moonstorm cloudIt was a similar story when we come out of the Wakefield Naturalists' meeting at 9.15 this evening. It's calm, fine and starry but then the wind begins to quicken. By the time we drive under the 99 arches railway viaduct on our way home sleety rain swishes in drifts just above the road, like the spray you get at sea when the tops of waves are blown sideways.