In Green Pastures

Richard Bell’s Wild West Yorkshire nature diary, Wednesday, 12th March, 2008

landscape near ShelleyI FEEL MYSELF RELAXING. It can't just be the transition from coal measures to millstone grit that makes me feel I can breathe more easily. As we drive up the hill towards Emley we leave Wakefield Metropolitan District and enter Kirklees. Housing developments and motorway business parks are left behind; the brick of our suburban fringe gives way to gritstone farms and walls; hedged-in arable gives way to stone-walled pastures.

Back in hill country, even on this brief visit, I get an impression that there must be an alternative to the familiar rush of my day to day life.

Off the Rails

wallI'm surprised that the little village of Stocksmoor near Huddersfield, which we're visiting, still has its own station. At Horbury Bridge we lost our station 40 years ago. Although in the past 20 years they've built more new houses at Horbury Bridge than Stocksmoor has ever had there's still no sign that they'll ever re-open our station. I can't help thinking that some things would be better if there was a boundary change and Kirklees annexed our outlying corner of Wakefield Met.