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Barlow Common

Richard Bell’s Wild West nature diary, East Yorkshire, Saturday,  16th May 2009, page 1 of 2

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willow bark
ground ivy
wild strawberry
wild pear
greater burnet


Wild Strawberry

Ground Ivy

Wild Pear

Greater Burnet
Sanguisorba officinalis

pool at Barlow Common
Barlow Common
Barlow Common

BARLOW COMMON, near Barlow village, north-east of Selby, is a pleasant place to stroll around with Wakefield Naturalists Society, here on their first field meeting of the summer season this morning.


The local Wildlife Watch Group has been involved in a project to put a rabbit-proof fence around areas of the common which will now be mown to create a wild flower meadow. The contrast (in the view, top left) is striking with plants such as Greater Burnet springing up from what must have been closely nibbled turf until recently.


On one of the pools (centre left) two, then three coots are scrapping with one another, kicking out at each other in a water fight. No sooner have they settled down than a heron lands in the water by the edge of the reeds, with a carrion crow in close pursuit. The crow continues to dive-bomb the heron, which has to keep ducking its head, for several minutes.


Barlow Common Nature Reserve