black-headed gulls

Deep Blue River

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Sunday 30th October 1999

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River Calder A WIND from the south west, a clear blue sky. Even the dull waters of the Calder sparkle.

Calder is likely the oldest place name we have in the valley. It means 'hard, violent water' in the Old British language, very similar to the Welsh, caled dwfr (dubro- in Old British).

rapids, the old wier

In this wind the exposed fields on the valley sides are deserted. Only a couple of Black-headed Gulls struggle on above the emerging winter wheat.

gorsesmooth sowthistle Gorse, as ever, has a few spikes of yellow blossom. Smooth Sowthistle is also still in flower.

wren A Wren flits around the front garden and poses, tail-cocked, on the wall.

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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