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coal tit

Seed Feeder

Sunday, 21st October 2001, West Yorkshire

seed feederTHE PLASTIC of the old seed feeder has become brittle. It splits as I refill it. We try a device that turns a plastic bottle into a bird feeder. Just screw on the plastic cap that acts as a seed hopper, punch a couple of holes to attach the handle and that's it.

house sparrow The first bird to find it is a Coal Tit and soon the House Sparrows get the hang of it too.

It proves so popular that we might have to replace the bottle with a larger one.

This Wild Bird Feeder was made by RDM in the appropriately named town of Savage, Minnesota. On the label RDM point out;

Recycling Facts

  1. This Bird Feeder is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

  2. This card was printed on recyclable paper.

  3. All of these materials can be recycled again and again.

  4. When you purchase a recycled Wild Bird Feeder, you're helping the environment.

dustbin Probably all the benefits to the environment were nullified when this object was transported across the Atlantic Ocean. Recycling begins at home and unfortunately the recylcling bins around us accept magazines and newspapers only, and only certain types of plastic. next page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
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