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A Walk Around Wintersett

Monday, 5th November 2001, West Yorkshire

sparrowhawkANOTHER CLOSE ENCOUNTER with a Sparrowhawk; there's a bird perched at the edge of the roof tiles of the house opposite, it's probably the usual Pied Wagtail. Before I get a closer look at it a Sparrowhawk suddenly zooms into view, swooping up and over the roof edge in an attempt to surprise its prey. It misses and, as it settles perching on the guttering, we're able to get a close up view of its faded brown-grey plumage, it's barred tail and breast, and the rufous patch on its chest.

The smaller birds make themselves scarce as it surveys the street.

Wildfowl on Wintersett Reservoir

mallardcootsgreat-crested grebe
Wintersett Reservoir is now attracting wintering wildfowl. There are plenty of Coot and Mallard, a few Great-crested Grebes, several small groups of Goldeneye and some Shovelers.

We make the entire circuit of the lake, in part following a fisherman's path. Even though we have to negotiate some makeshift stepping stones no one falls in (unlike two weeks ago). next page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
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