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female blackbird on cotoneaster

Winter Garden Birds

Thursday, 27th December 2001, West Yorkshire

goldfinches by the pondFOUR GOLDFINCHES visit the garden to feed on the Teasels and on the seeds of the Lemon Balm next to them.

Two Blackbirds feed on the berries of the Cotoneaster behind the herb bed.

long-tailed tit Long-tailed tits make a rare appearance at the bird table and we see a small group of them later in Hawthorns by the canal.

In the distance the top of the Emley Moor television long-tailed titmast is lost in cloud. As the mast is a little over a thousand feet high this puts the cloud-base at about 500 feet. Emley Moor rises to 726 feet about sea level, so the cloud is at about 1,250 this afternoon. next page

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