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Mowing the 'Meadow'

Friday 28th September 2001, West Yorkshire

coltsfoot leafAS I START clipping back the weeds and long grass at the end of the garden I start noticing what at first I take to be pieces of litter; paper dotted with bright orange. They are actually Coltsfoot leaves which are pale on the underside and which have been attacked by a fungus.

After I've cleared a space I trim an area with the lawn mower, keeping an eye out for frogs.

After a tea break I return to the mower, push it on to thevole next bit I have to trim and, just as I press the button to start it, there's a flash of brown and a vole whizzes out and heads for the safety of the hedge. Finding its habitat suddenly slashed down all around it, it had taken the only available cover; under the mower! next page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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