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Bluebell Seed-pods

Tuesday, 10th June 2003, West Yorkshire

bluebell seed-podsThe other day, when I was cutting a path through the docks and nettles of my 'meadow area', I suddenly noticed a dozen or more small green grape-like objects scattered around by the mower. I thought I must have run into a cache of fruits stowed away by some mouse or vole but I soon noticed that they were the seed-pods of the bluebells that were in flower here a month ago.

I believe these are the garden variety of bluebell, which originated in Spain.

house sparrowA young house sparrow lands with a whirr of wings a few feet from me in the hedge but soon thinks better of it.

A small tortoiseshell flutters around me, settles on thesmall tortoiseshell bench and suns itself then flies off again to investigate a cow parsley flower. next page

Richard Bell