Fresh Month

Sunday, 1st February 2004
Wild West Yorkshire nature diary

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River Calder, Horbury BridgeRiver

Sun and clear blue skies: it seems as if January was mainly grey cloud, drizzle and rain. The river is a reminder of just that: it's now in full spate after a day or two of fairly continuous rain.

Calder in full spateI thought, as it's a new month, I'd go for a fresh look for the diary.

The colours in the landscape are so fresh in this welcome morning sun that I find myself thinking that I could use the colour of bare trees against the sky for text, the eau-de-Nil of the river for headings and the clear blue of the sky for other elements of the page.

Colour Swatches

River Calder
The Island, Horbury Bridge
River Calder

eyedropperMy matchbox-sized digital camera isn't brilliant at landscape (it's much better at close-ups). It adds an impressionist blur to water and trees but at least it's a useful tool for picking up swatches of natural-looking colours. I sample some of them using the eye-dropper tool in Dreamweaver and assign them to headings and horizontal rules in the stylesheet I use when designing web pages.

It's not that I didn't like the previous design for my nature diary but it's spring, well very nearly spring, and I felt ready for a change. next page

Richard Bell,

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