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Thursday, 15th September 2005

West Yorkshire RIGSRIGS cdsA rainy day: with so many projects brought to completion, I'm soon distracted into some work that is not strictly necessary but which I find fun. And why not?

As secretary of West Yorkshire RIGS, our local geological conservation group, I need to send these disks, listing and illustrating Regionally Important Geological and Geomorphological Sites, to the planning departments of the five local authorities in the county.

Rather than just write the title on each CD, I open up my desktop publishing program, FreeHand, and design and print individual covers for the CDs. I think this gives them an instant identity and hopefully it will stop them getting lost on the desks or in the filing cabinets of the planners. There's no point in all the work we've done, selecting and recording these rocky sites, if the planners don't know about them.

The photographs are mainly by my predecessor as secretary of the group, Gordon Smithies. The sites, for instance the large mushroom-shaped rock at Doubler Stones on Addingham High Moor, and Great Bride Stones, Upper Calderdale, make me realise how much spectacular geology I have yet to see right here in West Yorkshire.

Horbury Quarry

Horbury QuarryHere, in one of my photographs, is my nearest RIGS site, Horbury Quarry. If you'd like to find out what RIGS are all about, and find out about the 300 million year old coal measures sandstones that are such a feature of this part of the county, I'm leading a walk to the quarry on Saturday, 15th October, 2005: meet at 2.00 pm at St Peter’s Church (SE 293 183) in the centre of Horbury.

You're welcome to join me and members of the Huddersfield Geological Group. There are free car parks on Northgate, Tithe Barn Street and behind Co-op on High Street. Buses 216, 217 Wakefield to Dewsbury go to Horbury.

Look forward to seeing you there, if you can make it. Next Page


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