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At the Court of Cartimandua

Wednesday, 17th October 2001, West Yorkshire

Queen Cartimandua CASTLE HILL stands out above gathering mist, dominating the view of Huddersfield in the valley below.

Castle Hill, Almondbury, is traditionally associated with Cartimandua, queen of the Brigantes. Traces of an iron age enclosure have been found on the summit plateau.

By A.D. 50 the legions had subjugated lowland Britain. Cartimandua made a treaty with the Romans. Caratacus, leader of British resistance, fled to her after his last, unsuccessful, battle. Cartimandua held to her treaty and handed him over to the Romans.

VenutiusWhen civil war broke out between factions of the Brigantes Cartimandua called in her Roman allies. Her husband, Venutius, led a campaign against them until the IX legion finally destroyed his stronghold up in the Yorkshire dales.

The Brigantes

oak leavesAware of the natural forces around them, the Brigantes venerated the goddess Brigantia, 'the exalted one'.

Druids, the priests of the Celtic world were also poets and lawgivers. Druid means 'one with knowledge of the oak.' next page

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