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Kentucky Crows

Thursday, 18th October 2001, West Yorkshire

crowcrow KFC seems to be the place to be seen if you're a Crow in Wakefield. There are three of them around the Kentucky Fried Chicken take-away today; one pecks in the gutter between the parked cars, another perches on the apex of the roof.

crow It's hard to believe that this area of retail stores are car parking was, ten years ago, just a grassy field going down to a stream whose course was marked by a line of tall Lombardy Poplars. It had been a school playing field.

pied wagtail The trees in the car park, which at first looked like the token trees on an architect's drawing, are now maturing. A few years ago it was easy to read the list of films above the entrance to Cineworld. Today a canopy of foliage masks the sign.

pied wagtail There's often a Pied Wagtail strutting around on the car park. Today three of them fly over Toys-R-Us. next page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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