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Winter-flowering Heather

Wednesday, 19th December 2001, West Yorkshire

heatherTHE HEATHER bed is doing well. The landscaping fabric that we put down has kept the weeds at bay. We've put in a variety of plants so we're getting some flower for most of the year.

brown-lipped snailIt's a cold day so I'm surprised to see a small Brown-lipped Snail making its way across the pavement.

streamIt's the time of year for trimming back. Alongside Smithy Brook they're thinning out the trees.

Explorer Maps

Landranger mapI'm planning some new walks in the local countryside for the new year. With the Trans Pennine Trail now open it's time for me to update my well-worn maps but, would you believe it, we're right on the join here. Although the new Ordnance Survey Explorer maps each cover a huge area when it comes to our particular corner of the Calder Valley you could find yourself having to take all three maps with you on a single afternoon's page

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