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Raised Bog

Thursday 20th September 2001, Austria

red admiralRED ADMIRALS have gathered around the Damsons that have fallen onto a table in orchard of the Jausenstation Berger, the small country pub at Eggmühe, to twasphe north of Lake Fuschl. Two of the butterflies pirouette around each other in the sunlight while another is chased from the fruit on which it's feeding by a wasp.

raised bog At the lower end of the lake a sign by the nature reserve explains the stage in the formation of a raised bog;
  • a temporary lake gradually silts up
  • marsh plants move in and peat formation begins
  • peat builds up until the central area forms a gentle dome

It appears that trees have colonised the centre of the raised bog here. next page

Richard Bell
Richard Bell,
wildlife illustrator

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