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Patio Pansies

Sunday,6th April 2003, West Yorkshire

winter pansies collared doveCollared doves have become regular visitors to the garden this spring after an absence of some years. They've been in the neighbourhood but they haven't been touching down on the patio as they were this morning.

watercoloursPainting yellow subjects, such as these winter flowering pansies in the tub on the patio, always has me wondering how should I treat the shaded parts of the flower. I decided to try washes of Payne's grey this time. I started with a pencil sketch as usual then added washes of grey on the darker parts of the yellow flowers. When this was dry I went over them in cadmium yellow pale. It's given a greenish cast to the shadows which isn't quite right. Perhaps I'll try a mixture of Payne's grey with a touch of alizarin crimson next time. next page

Richard Bell